Two Lines publishes original translations into English, and essays on languages, regions, and the translation process. We consider all submissions for either the bi-annual print edition or Two Lines Online. While our only guiding principle is excellence, we are especially excited to receive work from less commonly translated languages or regions. Before submitting, we strongly encourage you to check out past issues or familiarize yourself with the type of material we publish online.  We accept submissions year-round, and make every attempt to respond to each submission within four months. Please check the status of your submission in the online submission manager rather than querying.

IMPORTANT: Translators are expected to have identified the original copyright holder and obtained confirmation that the translation rights are available before submitting. 

·      We invite submissions of essays on translation and translation theory, although please note that we are not an academic publisher, so essays should be written for a wider audience.

·      We are also interested in essays on specific international literary movements, the writing of under-represented languages, and personal essays on the translation process.

·      Feel free to submit already written essays through the online submission manager, or query with a proposal for an essay.

·      We also occasionally publish longer folios of a single author’s work (longer or multiple prose pieces, small collections of 10 – 20 pages of poetry) with an introduction by the translator. Please query for folio submissions.