Two Lines Press publishes book-length single author works of contemporary literary fiction in translation. Manuscripts are accepted year-round and will receive a response within six months of submission. If you have not received a response within this period, you may query by email at twolines[at]


Guidelines for Translators

Submissions to the Two Lines Press should include a cover letter with contact information and any information that seems pertinent to you about the project, a sample of the translation, and a brief synopsis of the entire work.

IMPORTANT: Translators are expected to have identified and obtained contact information for copyright holders or the agent of the original author BEFORE submitting.

In your application, please include the following:

  • A 20-40 page sample translation of the book.
  • A synopsis of the entire book (a few paragraphs if a novel, Several of paragraphs and very brief synopses of each story if a book of stories).

Please note:

  • We rarely consider retranslations of previously translated work, unless there is a very compelling reason for the retranslation and the original translation is not currently in print.
  • We are primarily interested in contemporary work, or work that both engages with and expands upon the contemporary American literary landscape. We put no specific barriers up in regards to genre or publication date, but we’re very unlikely to consider work whose primary concern isn’t literary excellence.
  • The translator cannot also be the author of the book.